Paediatric Radiology

 Our diagnostic services

  • • All general x-ray referrals from A&E, outpatient department clinics and GPs
  • • Dental and orthodontic referrals with special radiation protection to eyes and thyroids
  • • All specialist orthopaedic referrals, e.g. hips, spines and feet
  •  • Fluoroscopy procedures for barium/contrast studies
  • • Paediatric ultrasound imaging
  • • Abdominal ultrasound
  • • Renal tract ultrasound
  • • Neonatal spinal ultrasound
  • • Antenatal hip scanning
  • • Neonatal cranial ultrasound
  • • Musculoskeletal and orthopaedic ultrasound
  • • Small parts scanning We aim to deliver a high quality x-ray and ultrasound service with minimum radiation.

All our x-ray equipment have powerful generators and are specially adapted to undertake x-ray images of children. We use specially designed additional x-ray filters to reduce radiation to eyes, breast tissue, gonads, mandibles and long bones. Each x-ray unit is fitted with a dose area product meter so that the radiation dose is recorded for each examination. All requests are carefully vetted, relevant imaging is executed for appropriate diagnostic results whilst keeping the radiation to the minimum. All our doses are below the current national diagnostic reference levels, particularly in