Specialist Services

Ekenywa Hospital as stated offers various types of services both inpatient and outpatient. Below is the nutshell of the service being offered in each category.

     Emergency Services

When it comes to emergency condition, then Ekenywa Specialized Hospital is your choice. The hospital is committed to providing the highest quality basic emergency care in the most efficient way possible. It operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and staffed with experienced general and specialist doctors as well expert nurses in the triage process and emergency cases management. There is a standby ambulance to carry patients into or out of the hospital if there is any further management needed.

   Ear, Nose and Throat Services

There is significant advanced expertise and technology leading to provision of high quality of services in the area of ENT. We have staffs with a vast array of experience on the area assuring sufficient clinical outcome to our clients.

In Otology (Ear Services) we offer:

•       Basic endoscopic aural toilet and drug application
•      Endoscopic excision of tumors in the outer and middle ear such as keloids, osteomas
•      Endoscopic tympanoplasty
•      Mastoidectomy (cortical, radical and modified radical mastoidectomy)
•      Correction of anomalies such as pre auricular sinus excision, supraauricular sinuses and colloaural sinuses,
•      Correction of ear anomalies such as meatal stenosis or atresia of the external auditory canal, excision of multiple auricles

In Rhinology (Nasal Services) we offer:

•      Basic and advanced functional endoscopic sinus surgeries
•      Endoscopic excision of tumors from the nasal cavity and simple polypectomies
•      Rhinoendoscopy as routine evaluation of patients with rhinological complaints
•      Correction of anomalies such as endoscopic choanal atresia release,
•      Correction of septal spurs and septal deviation
•      Rhinoendoscopy plus biopsy for patients with sinonasal tumors
•      Maxillectomy (partial, hemi and total maxillectomies) via lateral rhinotomy, weber and extended weber fergussion incisions
•      Open sinus surgeries such as external ethmoidectomies
•      Endoscopic approaches in treatment of epistaxis such as transnasal endoscopic sphenopalatine artery ligation, internal maxillary artery ligation and external approach in external carotid artery ligation

In Laryngology (Throat Services) we offer:

•      Basic and advanced functional endoscopic sinus surgeries
•      Routine direct laryngoscopy for patients with laryngological complaints
•      Emergency management of patients such as tracheostomy in cases of upper airway obstruction
•      Direct laryngoscopy/hypopharyngoscopy and biopsy
•      Tonsilllecomy
•      Adenotomy
•      Adenotonsillectomy
•      Excision of oropharyngeal tumors such as minor salivary gland tumors of the soft palate (pleomorphic adenomas), dermoid cysts
•      Excision of neck masses such as thryoglossal cysts/brachial cysts excision or excision of cystic hygromas
•      Thyroidectomy (subtotal, total thyroidectomy or lobectomy)
•      Submandibular tumors excision
•      Parotidectomy (superficial, total parotidectomies)
   Dental Services

Ekenywa Specialized Hospital has an advanced dental clinic where unlimited dental services are being offered. A nutshell of services offered from our dental unit includes management of the following conditions:

•      Basic and advanced functional endoscopic sinus surgeries
•      Dental carries which include conservative management, root canal treatment (RCT) and extraction of extensive, unrestorable tooth.
•      Dental abscess and maxillofacial tumors which include incision and drainage of dental abscess, wound dressing, biopsy, small tumor excision, major surgery for maxillofacial tumors and neck dissection.
•      Maxillofacial fractures which include mandibular fracture by intermaxillary fixation (IMF), midface bone fractures by Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF)
•      Periodontal diseases and bleeding gums
•      Edentulous patient in which we provide artificial teeth, fixed denture and removable denture, bridge, crown of all type, composite ,ceramic, porcelain and gold CROWN and FF meaning full denture.
•      Bad smell from mouth or oral cavity (Halitosis).
•      Malocclusion which is poor arrangement of teeth
•      Mayo-facial pain which may be due to migraine, neuropathy and dental pain is also provided.
   Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology unit offers comprehensive gynecological and obstetrical care which is provided by obstetrician and gynaecologist, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives. It understands that each woman has different medical needs and questions about pregnancy, and takes the time to listen to each patient's concerns and goals thus provides clear and accurate information and support from conception to postnatal care.

•      Consultation and care for gynecological conditions
•      RCH services including family planning and preconception counseling
•      Antenatal care for normal pregnancy and delivery
•      Perinatology, or maternal-fetal medicine (care for abnormal maternal and fetal conditions)
•      Fetal-risk screenings
•      Childbirth and breast-feeding education
•      Postnatal care
•      Obstetrics and Gynecology minor and major surgery
   Internal Medicine

In this unit we have excelled staffs and a cardiologist who are committed in attending clients and in the process diagnose and manage a wide range of conditions, the following are inclusive:

•      Diabetic Mellitus
•      Hypertension
•      Cardiological conditions
•      Other medical diseases

Keeping in mind the shift of burden of diseases from communicable to non communicable, the Internal Medicine team is working harder to establish a life style medicine; This will be done with the core desire to decrease the risk of lifestyle related conditions to our clients through health education and thus promoting health related attitude and behavior.

   General Surgery

The facility has experienced surgeons who attend patients with surgical conditions. In the process of treatment;

•      Minor and major general surgery are performed and patients are well taken care.
•      Paediatrician is available to attend children from birth to adolescence, taking care of different childhood conditions.
•      Wide range of services is offered at the facility by experienced Orthopaedic surgeons in whom clients with musculoskeletal conditions are attended.
•      Service provided includes outpatient clinics, emergency orthopaedic and trauma services, elective orthopaedic and trauma surgeries.
•      Psychiatrist deals with psychiatrist conditions in which there is prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental conditions.
•      Skilled personnel with quality clinical art nurtured for years of experience attend patients, this ensure resolving of symptoms and minimum recurrent rate.
•      Dermatologist deals with diseases affecting skin, nails and hair. The diseases may be bacterial, fungal, autoimmune or allergic.
•      The unit performs allergy test which is rapid and helps to find or detect allergens of our clients the same day in about 30 minutes. This is key and principal in the management of allergic conditions
   Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services facilitates the provision of timely, cost-effective, safe and high quality patient care. It includes the clinical services of Laboratory Medicine, audiometry exam and Radiology.

•      Laboratory medicine includes number of medical investigations like biochemical, haematological and microbiological which help in the diagnosis as well as monitoring response to treatment.
•      An audiometry exam which includes pure tone audiometry and tympanometry tests how well your hearing functions. It tests both the intensity and the tone of sounds, balance issues, and other issues related to the function of the inner ear. This may be done as part of a routine screening or in response to a noticeable loss of hearing due to birth defects, chronic ear infections, inherited conditions, such as otosclerosis, which occurs when an abnormal growth of bone prevents structures within the ear from functioning properly, an injury to the ear, inner ear diseases, such as Ménière’s disease or an autoimmune disease that affect the inner ear, regular exposure to loud noises and a ruptured eardrum.
•      Radiology includes advanced Digital X-Ray operations and Ultra Sound, provides seeing through of what is happening to patients via clear radiographic and ultrasonographic images, and governs courses of action to patients depending on the findings.