Sr. Endesh Ole Lengine

She is currently performing an advisory role, giving commentary in the day to day decisions made by board of directors and hospital management team in running and managing the hospital.

She is a co-founder of Ekenywa Specialized Hospital who together with the Late Dr. Loisiligaki Ole Lengine initiated the idea of opening a dispensary in 1994. Triggered by her background as a Public health Nursing Officer acquired from Nairobi in 1991 (Degree in Community and Public Health), by then she was the first to be honored by such degree.

The extensive and well developed working experience of Sr. Endesh Ole Lengine has been acquired after over 40 years of hard working. She has attended several trainings in administration management in Berlin, Germany and Zimbabwe as well as community based heath care training conducted in Nairobi.

She worked as:

 Regional MCH Coordinator, Arusha region( MOH) 1984-1988
 Assistant National Village Health Worker Coordinator in Primary HealthCare (PHC) Section ,1988-1992
 National CBHC Coordinator (Community based health care) -1992-1997
 Resigned in 1997 from MOH due to health related matters but after few years joined Ekenywa Specialized Hospital, where she worked as a matron for more than ten years.