Doctor in charge

Dr. Lilian Salingwa, MD

Dr. Lilian Salingwa provides supportive leadership to the managing director, knowing the valuable nature of collective leadership culture. She has received a medical degree in Doctor of Medicine at Muhimbili University of Healthy and Allied Healthy; having equipped with experience and expertise from the university and years of experience after the university works closely with the hospital’s clinicians, nurses and paramedics in introducing contemporary protocols to continuously enhance clinical outcomes. She leads the thrust on continuous quality improvement processes to achieve the highest standards of patient satisfaction.

In the number of years, she has attended a number of seminars in the university and outside the university as well as performing individual and group researches; these has added extensive knowledge in leadership and healthcare especially patient centered care modality. In the seminars and conferences attended, she as well presented research paper she herself did and case study from Muhimbili Hospital in which she was one of the presenters who won awards and identified as knowledgeable, fluent and with contented.

In her current post, she is continuing to work hard; and together with other leaders and stakeholders, she has organized community events which have steered in identifying hundreds of people with non communicable diseases, making early diagnosis and treatments, thus containing the disease with few side effects.

She is also an active member of Tanganyika Medical Association (TMA) and Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT).